Ceramic Repair


Medway Ceramic Epoxies

Medway ceramic enhanced fluid and paste grade products are suitable for a wide range of repairs and preventative maintenance to mechanical equipment and components subject to impact, erosion andcorrosion.

The product range has been designed to be easy to apply, offer good chemical resistance and give long lasting service in the most aggressive operating conditions.


The Product Range:

Medway Ceramic Metal: Rebuilding grade for badly pitted and scarred surfaces.

Medway Ceramic Fluid Metal: Resurfacing grade for improved protection of metallic substrates

Medway Ceramic Flow: Flexible resurfacing grade with an extra smooth finish designed to increase flow rates

Medway Ceramic HD Ultra: Tough rebuilding grade for the most aggressive environments Medway Ceramic HT High temperature erosion / corrosion resistant coating

 Medway Ceramic HT: High temperature erosion / corrosion resistant coating





The Medway Ceramic Repair range has a proven track record in the Chemical, Marine, Oil and Gas, Paper and Pulp, Water and Power industries.


Typical repairs include:

  • Eroded slurry, sewage and salt water pump casings
  • Damaged cyclone housings
  • Corroded valve casings
  • Eroded and damaged bow thrusters
  • Corroded heat exchanger end plates
  • Eroded chutes and hoppers
  • Eroded turbine blades
  • Oil&Gas process vessels
  • Condensate return tanks
  • Scrubber units


Product Features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Solvent free
  • No shrinkage or sagging
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids & alkalis
  • High temperature resistance up to 250°C



  • Cost effective solution to a wide range of applications
  • Long term abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Reduced downtime of essential equipment
  • Reduced life cycle costs