As your local engineering partner, we are supported by our facilities, which include:


Pump Workshop

Located in Perdatam, our pump workshop consists of equipment such as:

  1. Impeller Machining
  2. Machining
  3. Repair

Our workshop is equipped with modern machinery, precision measuring devices and a complete set of working tools. We have dozens of operators (Machine Operator, Certified Welders, Technicians and Experienced Engineer, loyal and highly motivated professional workers to support the activities of the company, our average workers have worked over 10 years with a very good career path.


Pump coupling and assembling

Adhering to high measures of accuracy, precision, and quality, we assemble our pump sets under standards of Ebara.


Panel assembly

To ensure faultless and perfect operation of our pumps, we assemble and fabricate our own panels for our pump sets.


Spare parts and accessories warehouse

We keep a large inventory of spare parts and accessories at our warehouses and are able to provide you with our products at short delivery times.


Pumps warehouse

We are a major supplier/stockist for the complete range of Ebara pumps. We can fulfill your immediate requirements for new or replacement pumps at a short notice.


Finished goods warehouse

Finished products, ranging from complete pump sets, alarm check valves, and UF skids are stored at our warehouse, ready for shipment.


Logistics Fleet

Our fleet of trucks and vans fleet are ready to support customer requests and service calls.


Project Financing Team

With the growing demand of infrastructure projects necessitating longer terms of payment, we are able to conduct multi-year and long-term projects to suite your business needs.