Preventive Protection


Is a abased on having information in advance (from a storm detector) allowing the user to start up temporal preventive measures before the lightning activity begin, being those measure disabled when the storm is over

  1. people in open areas
  2. Sensitive goods protections
  3. Preventive of losses in industrial processes and operations
  4. prevention of severe accident
  5. operation where basic service continuity has to be assured
  6. infrastructures, protection to the people and to the environment
  7. prevention of workplace risks
  8. structure with open areas, open the public

Storm Detector ATStorm v2

According to EN 50536 (Protection against lightning – Thunderstorm warning systems)

ATSTORM v2 is a storm detector by atmospheric electric field measurement, fully electronic, with no mobile parts, robust and most highly reliable. The basic configuration of the ATSTORM v2 storm detector is formed by :