Sekisui Panel Tanks

Sekisui panel Tanks

The Sekisui panel tank features a six-sided design, with each side composed of a “GRP” (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester) network. Each Sekisui panel tank is manufactured using the MMD system.

The advantage of employing the GRP construction method lies in its ability to provide robust strength and durability for water storage. Additionally, design factors such as hydrostatic pressure, wind load, snow load, seismic load, and others are carefully considered during the initial tank design phase.

Crafted using the exclusive MMD method, the fiberglass panels exhibit lightweight properties. This facilitates the transportation of the tank to the installation site, reducing both the time and labor required during the assembly process.

All Sekisui tank spare parts and accessories have been standardized, simplifying potential repairs needed post-assembly and simultaneously reducing downtime.

Types of Tanks:

  • F-Panels Tanks
  • Insulated Tanks
  • Econo Tanks
  • Earthquake-Resistant Tanks

These tanks are engineered with precision and adhere to high-quality standards, ensuring reliable and efficient water storage solutions.

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