As an engineering systems integrator, we are able to provide complete water, fire, and environmental solutions. We have a wide range of solutions, ranging from small water pumps for domestic use to large-scale fire safety and suppression installations for high-rise buildings

Each of our division consists of a complete team of engineers, technicians, sales, and after-sales support team.

The following are a list of our solutions:


Water Pumps and Packaged Booster Systems (Including accessories: Electromotors, Leak Detectors & Oil Boom)

Process Pumps, Water Panel Tanks, Centrifugal and Absorption Chillers and Cooling Towers


Fire Safety: Detection, Protection, and Prevention equipment (Sprinkler, Deluge, Gas Suppression Systems, Alarms, Extinguishers) (NFPA, UL FM approved)

Lightning Protection


Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems (NSF approved), including RO & UF membranes, automatic filters, micro-bubble generator pumps

Security Systems

Dimmers and Automatic Lighting Controls

Building Management Systems

Chilled Ceiling & Raised Floor Systems


As your complete solution provider, our team of engineers will begin by consultation and assessment of your requirements. After a thorough survey, we will design, plan, and engineer a distinctive solution that fits your needs and evaluate our final engineered solution according to standards, regulations, and environmental impact. We will procure the appropriate products and equipment necessary from our array of water, fire and environmental partners and will proceed with contracting and installation works. This is followed by a lifetime service of regular maintenance and dependable aftersales parts and equipment. Above all, constant supervision during the entire process guarantees the quality and robustness of our solutions.

We are committed in our duty to provide our clients the utmost satisfaction for all of our solutions. We are here to simplify solutions for all your needs, maintaining on-time delivery, equipped with world-class products to suit your budget.