Vertical Inline

ANSI Design

The ANSI standard adopted by NFPA 20 assures a quality design to provide years of reliable operation.


The casing provides inline suction and discharge which are the same size.  This feature assures ease of installation.  The casing is high quality cast iron with a tensile strength of 40,000 psi.


Bronze, enclosed, single-suction design impeller is keyed to the shaft and secured by an impeller bolt.  All impellers are dynamically balanced and have optional wear rings.


Grease-lubricated, deep-groove ball bearings are provided in a re-greaseable bearing housing.  Bearing life provides an L10 minimum life of 20,000 hours.

Casing Wear Ring

Bronze wear rings provide sealing for minimum recirculation between the suction and discharge areas of the casing.  The rings are staked by stainless steel pins to prevent their rotation.

Stuffing Boxes

Packed with non-asbestos packing with bronze glands.

Shaft Sleeves

To protect the shaft against wear and corrosion, bronze shaft sleeves are provided.