Vertical Turbine


Discharge Assembly

The standard surface discharge assembly is cast iron and is designed to support the driver as well as the pump column pipe.

Discharge Bowl Assembly

Standard assembly includes cast iron bowls, shafts, seals, bronze or neoprene bowl bearings.  Bronze impellers and 316 stainless steel hardware provide long life and less maintenance.  Bronze bowl wear rings are permanently attached to the bowl to eliminate the possibility of rotational and axial movement.

Suction Bowl

For sump-type installations, bell-mouth suction bowls provide minimal flow restriction at the impeller entrance.

Pump Shaft

The bowl shaft is stainless steel machined and ground to close tolerances.  They are sized to transmit the torque and handle the imposed, hydraulic thrust loads, all while maintaining minimum amount of deflection under any flow conditions.

Basket Strainer

Strainer standard material is stainless steel and is attached to the suction bowl.  The strainer has a free area equal to four times the minimum cross sectional area of the suction bowl.  The openings of the strainer will not permit passage of solids larger than 1/2″ sphere.


Bearings are spaced no more than 10 ft. apart, in order to ensure adequate centering of the line shaft within the column.  Cutless rubber bearings are provided to maximize service life and reliability.

Shaft Coupling

Stainless steel heavy duty threaded couplings are standard.

Column Pipe

The column pipe is flanged for ease of assembly and dis-assembly.  The standard material is prime grade steel conforming to ANSI standards and length does not exceed 10 ft.  All column flanges are machined for a rabbet fit to permit accurate alignment.

Head Shaft

Stainless steel shafts are supplied standard.