Corporate Identity


INDOBARA BAHANA logo, represented with a flame, means energy and is a novel power in expanding our business to future. The color of the flame contains 3 different colors:

  • Blue : a symbolization of WATER which is the main business since Indobara Bahana was founded. This representation also depicts harmony, growth, tranquility and prosperity.
  • Red : a symbolization of FIRE which is a new line of business that invigorates a new breeze of energy within the company. This representation also means creativity, joyful, positive enthusiasm and fortune.
  • Green : a symbolization of ENVIRONMENT as a concern from Indobara Bahana to preserve our environment. It also represents growth, harmony, conformity, innovation and environmental friendly.
  • Yellow : a symbolization of SECURITY & SAFETY which meaning is twofold: (1) as one important aspect that received special attention in our workforce, (2) SECURITY & SAFETY for our society is our core of business

As a unity, our logo means a harmonization of 3 elements of water, fire, and environment that unite, and together they create a valuable energy for Indobara Bahana towards success while improve stability and prosperity in all aspects in relation to stakeholder.