BOSS – Bentel Operating Security Software

BOSS is the new an advanced software platform for local and remote management of Bentel Security systems. System programming, site monitoring and firmware management are made easy with the powerful and intuitive interface of BOSS. Improve efficiency and do it all at once with the many features of BOSS that allow true multi-tasking.


  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Support Absoluta Control Panel Platform
  • Backed by SQL database for stability, security and reliability of account data
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Tabs: open many accounts at once just like your favorite internet browser
  • Single option tagging to minimize the amount of data transfer
  • Multi-tasking: continue to work on other accounts while communications are in progress
  • Complete management of voice files
  • Continuous “Real-Time” status mode
  • Built-in Firmware upgrade tool
  • Flexible account management
  • Queued communication jobs
  • Extensive tracking and control of communications jobs
  • Managed updates and installation


BOSS will require the following applications to be installed:

1. .NET Framework 4.0
2. Visual C++ Runtime components