Exotermic Welding


  1. Free of corrosion, rust, and degradation over time
  2. Resistant to galvanic coupling
  3. Higher conductivity than the connected conductors
  4. Withstand repeated discharges
  5. No electric resistance increase
  6. Better mechanical resistance than the connected conductors
  7. Low resistance connection, essential for achieving durable and reliable result for any earthing system



1. Welding Compounds

A range of package size (32, 45, 65, 90, 115, 150, 200 and 250 grams) depending on the required union type. Starting powder included

2. Graphite Moulds

block holding the conductors to be welded, where the exothermic reaction takes place. There are graphite moulds for particular joints (specific moulds) or for several types of joints with the same one (multiple mould)

3. Accessories

Required for suitable use of the system, extending the mould life (clamps, flint igniters, brushes, security gloves, sealing paste, …)