Horizontal Split Case


Our Horizontal Split Case pumps have been specifically designed for fire pump requirements, utilizing the latest hydraulic techniques available.  All the fire pumps are manufactured to high standards of quality in the material, construction, and workmanship of each unit.


The casings are of a high quality cast iron, with a minimum tensile strength of 40,000 PSI.  The casing is a split-case design simplifying inspection and dis-assembly.


The double-suction impellers are bronze, enclosed design, keyed to the shaft, and secured by adjustable shaft sleeves.  All impellers are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation.  The double suction feature balances out hydraulic thrust loads.  Impeller wear rings are an available option.


The shafts are alloy steel, machined and ground to close tolerances.  They are sized to transmit the torque and handle the imposed hydraulic loads, all while maintaining a minimum amount of deflection under any flow condition.

Shaft Sleeves

To protect the shaft against wear and corrosion, bronze shaft sleeves are provided.  The shaft sleeves are threaded to the position and hold the impeller in place.  The sleeves are double set screwed and key-locked to prevent their rotation in either direction.  They extend from the impeller to slightly beyond the seal box area.

Casing Wear Rings

Bronze wear rings provide the sealing between the suction and discharge areas of the casing.  The rings are staked by stainless steel pins to prevent their rotation.


Grease lubricated ball bearings are provided.  The outboard bearing is a duplex angular contact ball thrust bearing.  The inboard bearing is a single row radial ball bearing.  The bearings are enclosed in a re-greasable housing. The bearing sizes are selected to provide a minimum L10 life of 200,000 hours.

Stuffing Boxes

Stuffing boxes are extra deep for proper sealing.  A minimum of five split packing rings will provide the sealing for each side.  Packing glands simplify installation and removal of the packing.