The Best Choice for High Performance Needs
Where the efficiency of standard units comes to a limit, OERTZEN continues. OERTZEN offers the complete range of high pressure cleaners and cleaning systems for industry and trade. For decades already the biggest German companies are counted among the customers of OERTZEN and will continue to appreciate power, quality and service.

What makes OERTZEN machines outstanding?
1.    High efficiency, up to 24 hours / day operation
2.    Easy to handle
3.    Sturdy, compact design
4.    Extremely low maintenance requirements
5.    Safety valve, Thermostatic relief valve, Low water cut-off
6.    Fast shipment of spare parts ?
7.    Spare parts available 10 years after machine end of production

High Pressure Fire Extinguisher:


















Benefit of Fire Fighting with Oertzen
1.    No set up time
2.    Most effective in reducing the energy of fire
3.    Suffocation of fires by steam generation
4.    Extremely fast extinguishing times

The Highlights of Oertzen Feature Equipment
1.    Long distance throw
2.    Low gun recoil
3.    Minimal water consumption–max. 25l/min.
4.    Avoids water damage and spillage of contaminated water
5.    Injection of foam agents — standard feature
6.    Minimum space and weight

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