Simplex Fire Alarm Networks communicate information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels. Systems may be composed of similar capability panels sharing information, or specific nodes may be added to perform dedicated network functions. Illustrations on the following pages provide a summary of a variety of fire alarm Network applications, multiple topologies and connectivity options.

For non-Simplex panels, a Network System Integrator can be used to connect equipment to the Network using optically isolated inputs and relay contact outputs.

Network communications among system fire alarm control panels provides:

  • Support for Network Emergency voice broadcasts and Centralised Command Center operations
  • Multiple Network Loops for campus and other high panel quantity applications
  • Network-wide initiation of alarm silence, acknowledge, and reset; and investigation of status and details of system points and point lists
  • Distributed system operation to ensure excellent survivability; during a communications fault condition, Network nodes remaining connected will regroup and continue communicating
  • Flexible Network Annunciator options such as XLGraphics, TrueSite Workstations, Network Display Units (NDU) and NDUs with VCC (Voice Command Center)
  • Use of InfoAlarm Command Center equipped nodes to provide increased network information display capability
  • Network level command and control provides manual point control for on/off or disable/enable, as well as gathering specific point detail



Our advanced options and peripherals are designed to ensure compatibility and to work seamlessly with all our fire alarms platforms. These devices and peripherals can help you meet applicable codes and seamlessly enhance system configuration as needs change. Modular design and consistent user interfaces are built into every system and peripherals from Simplex, allowing you to leverage your investment far into the future.


TrueAlarm Addressable/Analog Smoke And Heat Sensors

The First Choice In Intelligent Sensing Technology

  • Addressable/analog for full interactive communications
  • Intelligent sensing for reduced nuisance alarms
  • Lower installation and expansion costs
  • Automatic adjustment for dirt, dust, humidity and aging- our sensors even tell you when they need to be cleaned
  • Four available options: Photo, Ion, Heat or Multi-sensor Photo/ Heat combining smoke/heat in a single base that’s easy to wire and allows each sensor to be programmed individually for a different alarm response (heat or smoke), or combines for faster response to fast-flaming fires. WHEN TO CHOOSE
  • For companies seeking the lowest possible installations and maintenance costs
  • For operations requiring detailed maintenance and alarm reporting to the device level


TrueAlarm Non-Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors

Advanced Technology In A Non-Addressable Detector

  • Photogenic detector incorporates an onboard microprocessor for auto drift compensation
  • Self restoring heat detectors leverage fast-response thermistor technology
  • Nuisance alarm prevention
  • Built-in sensitivity testing to reduce maintenance cost WHEN TO CHOOSE
  • Ideal solution for non-addressable and legacy fire alarm environments, small facilities


TrueAlert Addressable Notification Appliances

Intelligent Fire Notification For The 21st Century

  • Global addressability and synchronisation supporting full interactive communications
  • Lowest installed cost in the industry
  • Smart system with TrueAlert Isolators automatically identifies and isolates its own short circuits faults.
  • Low retrofit costs – you can use existing installed wiring when upgrading TrueAlert appliances WHEN TO CHOOSE
  • Perfect for new constructions, retrofits or expansion
  • Ideal in facilities where disrupting operations testing is acceptable
  • Mass notification control


TrueAlert Non-Addressable Multi-candela Notifications Appliance

Exceptional Performance With Fast, Convenient Installation

  • Installs quickly and easily, features lower current draw
  • SmartSync feature allows individual control of audible and visible appliances on a single non-addressable circuit, reducing equipment and installation costs WHEN TO CHOOSE
  • For any fire system with basic audible/visible evacuation needs
  • Flexibility to adapt to occupancy changes