Sound Damping Coating

Mascoat Sound Control-dB

At Mascoat, we put your crew’s safety first. Metal machinery and substrates can transmit sound and vibration that’s dangerous to working personnel, so the Mascoat Sound Control family is designed to dampen noise caused by structural translation.

Mascoat Sound Control products are easily applied with a sprayer—even in hard to reach places. In addition, Sound Control coatings cure quickly and can be applied while equipment is functioning, so there’s no lost production time or wasted manpower. Mascoat’s engineered products protect workers from heat and chemical exposure while reducing vibration and noise in a variety of industrial and marine situations.

Typical Sound Control-DB applications include:

  • Motors and transformers
  • Metal ducts and vents
  • Machine housing
  • Fans, condensers and HVAC systems
  • Assembly line equipment
  • Mills and grinders
  • Tanks and storage vessels

When you need to eliminate the noise danger caused by resonating metal, rely on the Mascoat Sound Control family. Requiring minimal application effort, the coatings go on quickly and last for years with little maintenance. And unlike conventional insulation, Sound Control coatings significantly reduce corrosion under insulation (CUI)—which can cost your facility thousands a year in equipment and insulation replacement.

Lowering noise prior to its airborne release, our coatings also keep equipment viewable and safe for regular inspection. Contact the Mascoat team today to learn more about how our cost-effective sound control solutions can benefit your manufacturing facility, plant or warehouse.

The following graphs show the non-coated version of the bell vs. the coated bell. The relationship of the graph is decibels (dB) on the “Y” axis (vertical area) and time of the vibration or sound on the “X” axis (horizontal area).


Don’t believe it? Listen to the actual test — Click to open the “.wav” files below:

Bell Uncoated Sound File.wav
Bell Coated with 40 mils (1.0mm) Mascoat Sound Control-dB Coating.wav

For more information or to order your own sound damping product, contact Mascoat today!

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