W22XC Series – Ex d(e) IIC T4 Gb (Ex tb IIIC T125ºC Db IP6X)


W22XC is one of WEG flameproof TEFC three phase motors lines for IIC group of gas and combustible dustand is available for shaft height 315 up to 500.

W22XC line is available for Low, Medium and High voltage with the following powers:

W22XC – Low voltage (≤ 1100 V):
IE2 Efficiency level / according IEC60034-30

Powers (kW) RPM
  • 132 up to 1120

3000 / 3600

  • 132 up to 1400

1500 / 1800

  • 90 up to 1120

1000 / 1200

  • 75 up to 900

750 / 900

W22XC – Medium voltage (1100 V < U ≤ 6600 V):

Powers (kW) RPM
  • 90 up to 1200

3000 / 3600

  • 90 up to 1500

1500 / 1800

  • 90 up to 1250

1000 / 1200

  • 90 up to 1000

750 / 900

W22XC – High voltage (6600 V < U ≤ 11000 V):

Powers (kW) RPM
  • 355 up to 710

3000 / 3600

  • 355 up to 900

1500 / 1800

  • 280 up to 630

1000 / 1200

  • 200 up to 500

750 / 900

In relation to the different available optionals, W22XC motors are designated as follows:

  • W22XC – Standard Ex d IIC T4 Gb motor
  • W22CE – Ex d e IIC T4 Gb motor
  • W22XCD – Ex d IIC T4 Gb and Ex tb IIIC Db IP6X motor
  • W22XCED – Ex d e IIC T4 Gb and Ex tb IIIC Db IP6X motor
Particular specifications related to Hazardous Areas

This motor series has the CE marking in compliance with European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and is also certified in accordance with IECEx Scheme. The applicable standards are:

  • EN 60079-0: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 0: Equipment – General requirements
  • EN 60079-1: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosure ‘d’
  • EN 60079-7: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 7: Equipment protection by increases safety ‘e’
  • EN 60079-31: Explosive Atmospheres – Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure ´t’

W22XC motors are classified as equipment Group II (Surface Industries), suitable to use on the following zones:

  • category 2, for Zones 1 and 21 – Gases, Vapours and Dust (GD).
  • category 3, for Zones 2 and 22 – Gases, Vapours and Dust (GD).

As standard, W22XC motors are supplied for Zone 1 application – IIC Group of Gases and Temperature class T4 (under request T5 is available).

As standard execution, W22XC motors are fitted with flameproof terminal boxes for gases of Group IIC, with specification code Ex d, IIC. Under request and as an alternative execution, these motors can be fitted with an Increased Safety terminal box. In this case the description code is Ex de, IIC. These flameproof motors are certified according to the above standards, by the EU accredited Notified Body INERIS in France.

Main standard construction

  • Mechanical protection: IP55
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Temperature rise: 80 K
  • Frames: are in cast iron
  • Terminal boxes: are in cast iron
  • Endshields: are in cast iron
  • Fans: Aluminum alloy / Welded steel
  • Fan cover:Welded steel, capable to withstand impact of 20 Joule (IK10).
  • Finish: polyurethane paint scheme 212P, standard color RAL 7001.

Main construction optionals

  • Mechanical protection: IP56, IP65 and IP66
  • Insulation: Class H
  • Temperature rise: 105 K
  • Frames:Welded construction
  • Terminal boxes:Welded construction
  • Endshields: Welded construction

    Several optional features are available for W22XC line. Please requrest the full scope to WEGeuro.

Voltage and frequency

As standard, Low Voltage motors are wound to operate on Δ 400 V – 50 Hz. As an option Δ 460 V – 60 Hz is available.

As standard Medium Voltage motors are wound to operate on Y6000 V – 50Hz. As an option Y 3000 V – 50 Hz or Y4160 V – 60 Hz are available.

As standard High Voltage motors are wound to operate on Y10000 V – 50Hz. Other supply voltages and frequencies can be supplied under request.

W22XC line is also available for VSD application.

Motors are manufactured within the tolerances given by IEC 60034-1.

Ambient temperature and altitude

W22XC standard motors are manufactured for an ambient temperature -20ºC up to +40ºC and altitude up to 1000m. As an option motors can be executed for an ambient temperature up to +60ºC and altitude up to 5000m.

Basic design
  • Cooling method: 
    IC 411 in accordance with standard IEC 60034-6 – motors cooled by an external fan.
  • Direction of rotation:
    Bidirectional. 2 poles motors for frame size 450 and above are unidirectional (customer must define sense of rotation with the order).
  • Electrical connection:
    LV: The terminal boxes are provided with 6 terminals, to connect the motors to the mains supply, allowing the star/delta starging. For currents higher than 1090A 12 terminals are used. MV/HV: The terminal boxes are provided with 3 terminals, to connect the motors to the mains supply.
  • Terminal boxes:
    The main terminal box is located at top of motor frame and can be rotated by 180º to suit cable entry from left or right hand side. As standard, the supply cable entries are on the left hand side when viewed from shaft end. Note: customer must refer cable entry direction with order.
  • Protections/Auxiliaries:
    As standard the W22XC Low Voltage motors are fitted with 3 PTC thermistors, (triple, 2 wire), connected in the main terminal box. As standard the W22XC Medium and High Voltage motors are equipped with 2xPT-100/phase (3 wires), 1xPT-100/bearing (3 wires) and space heaters, connected in an auxiliary terminal box.Under request the motors can be fitted with more than one auxiliary terminal box.
  • Earth connection:
    All motors are equipped with an earth connection inside of terminal box. A second external earth connection is also provided on motor frame, on foot or on flange, depending on mounting form.
  • Terminal box entries and cable glands:
    As standard, the motors are not supplied with cable glands and the number of entry holes and respective dimensions are described on outline dimensions tables. However, considering that the cable entry makes part of the protection enclosure it is recommended that the motors are supplied from factory fitted with cable glands. For this it is necessary to specify with the order the complete cabling details (number of cables, specification, section and diameters), so that the motors can be supplied from factory fitted with suitable glands.
  • Bearings:
    As general rule, W22XC motors are equipped with deep groove ball bearings in both sides for horizontal mounting form. Some arrangements foresee the use of roller bearing in NDE or 3 bearings mounting. W22XC vertical motors are equipped with deep groove ball bearings in both sides up to frame size 355 and with an angular contact bearing in DE side for frame sizes 400 and above. For horizontal motors is available roller bearing execution in drive end side defined according to the radial loads involved on the application. For vertical motors is available for all motors angular contact bearing execution in drive end side defined according to the axial loads involved on the application. As optional motors can be supplied with sleeve bearings execution.
  • Lubrication:
    The motors are equipped with grease relief valves and relubrication nipples.
  • Balancing:
    The motors are dynamically balanced with half-key to meet the vibration limits of standard IEC 60034-14, Grade A. Grade B can be provided under request.